Anthony Graziano

Sport: Running

I have been a runner for the last 4 years. The last 2.5 of which I was getting anywhere from 20-60 mi a week. I have a couple marathons under my belt, and countless halfs. During my initial search for a carb/electrolyte replacement product I tried many products from many companies. Crank Sports’s e-Fuel and e-Gel consistently deliver the best product for the lowest price. I usually order 4 canisters of e-Fuel and 4 boxes of e-Gel at a time. I also work outside in Florida, I use efuel during the day as needed to keep me going, and even give some to my employees when the heat is getting to them. Thank you Crank Sports for knowing what athletes want and need, and giving it to them at a fair price.

Anthony Graziano