Shawn Smith

Sport: Cycling

Switched to e-Fuel and e-Gel after searching for a clean alternative with a ingredients list that didn’t require a degree to read. I was tired of overly sweet products that were no better than Gatorade. I placed my first order in July of 2014 and haven’t touched another brand since. Im so behind this product I’m willing to give my own stuff out as samples to prove it’s better. Sometimes less is more. As I always show in my post for racing with e-Fuel and e-Gel. Fueling you can trust!

I’m a cat 1 mtb racer and I race in temps that reach 95+ and 90% humidity. This product proves its self once again this in May of 2017 at USA Cycling Marathon Championships. It was a 58 mile course and temps around 80-84. I had sent two bottles to a feed zone to the top of mtn and had two at bottom feed since. The two bottles I sent to top of mtn never made it. Not knowing this I drank a whole bottle on the way up why’ll racing. When I got there I realized I had no bottles there. So I had to wait till the next feed at bottom. I get a bottle at bottom feed zone. Now I race back up to the top feed again thinking the bottles should be there now. But no nothing. So I push on with 1/4 of e-Fuel left. As I reach mile 37 I’m out of e-Fuel. No hydration till end. I raced to a 3rd place on only 2 bottles of e-Fuel and 2 e-Gels. No way around it. This product works and is fueling you can trust.

Shawn Smith
Gainesville ,