Sandra Marbut

Sport: Basketball

I learned about the value of energy gel products through training for marathons. So when I returned to coaching basketball at a very academic school, I decided to see if I could combine the two worlds. With a small roster, our players are on the court for long periods of time and need to sustain high intensity for a solid 90 minutes. After learning what impact fuels have on your body for endurance sports, I decided to try it with our players. It has been brilliant! At first they struggled with the taste. If you aren’t a runner it does take some getting used to. But once they acclimated, it has been a tremendous impact. What was once a ‘yuck’ has turned into ‘Coach, where are the energy gels?’ When our new players arrive each year, they are hesitant to try the gels, but the returning players always tell them the benefits and how much better they feel at the end of a game when they have used e-Gel. Doesn’t take long for the new kids to find out it works. And our athletic trainers love the E-Gel formula. Without all the sugars we don’t have the spikes and crashes I experienced when I was trying out different types of gel to see what worked. E-Gel gives our kids a steady, solid fuel for the last 10:00 of the game when we need it most! We order boxes of them every year now.

Sandra Marbut
Pasadena ,