Eric Coppock

Sport: Triathlon

I’ve been using e-Gel for about a year now. I’ve been very pleased with the results from the beginning, but now I’m impressed enough to actually say something about it online…

I like water. I’d rather drink water than anything else whentraining/racing. e-Gel provides the rest and my bottles stay clean. Simple=good. I won’t be spending my money on anything else. I have a long history of cramping issues as a cyclist and triathlete. I tried all sorts of hydration and electrolyte-oriented solutions over the years, and none of them made any difference. I finally did enough research to figure out that cramping is a fuel issue … the muscles need hydration, electrolytes, and *fuel* and if you don’t provide all 3 you’re asking for trouble. e-Gel and a bottle of water is the complete solution for me.

I haven’t had a serious cramping issue in training or competition since I started using e-Gel. More than once I’ve had cramps coming on and banished them with an e-Gel and water. This weekend (1/31/09) was different; I was on a fast ski-mountaineering trip over 14,000 feet in Colorado (Gray’s Peak). Around 3:45 into the trip I was on my way down and just getting my skis back on after the hard stuff up high. My thighs where *screaming* … I’ve never felt anything quite like that, after the altitude and jogging downhill with a pack on. My muscles were just on fire. I threw down an e-Gel and water, and continued down. Within 10 minutes I was skiing comfortably again.

Water + e-Gel + some real food if I’m doing something longer than 2-3 hours is all I need. Yeah, actual real food. Weird, huh? Did I mention, SIMPLE=GOOD?!?

e-Gel rocks for me.

Eric Coppock