Van Warren

Sport: Cycling

I was at mile 73 of the Gears for Ears Ride for Arkansas Children’s Hospital – and I had nothing. I had eaten a Powerbar, hydrated well, and even had a few caramels earlier in the ride, but I was bonking. Then somebody handed me a Crank e-Gel, and it was like coming back to life. I read the ingredients and saw potassium and sodium citrate – key nutrients in the Kreb’s metabolic cycle, along with some amino acids and a complete absence of the usual crap foisted on us by Madison avenue nutritionists.

So today, one week later, I am scouring this town – Little Rock – for Crank Gels.

Nobody has these little gems that saved my bacon at mile 73. One dealer was like bleh, and at 2.00 a pop for some Gu, I wasn’t buying. Too much Vitamin E is as bad as too little, and nobody knows that but you guys. Read the labels!

I’m training for the Tour de Rock Century in Mid-June and I won’t be without these pups, heck I’d even wear a shirt with Crank all over it just to save my fellow riders.

Van Warren
Little Rock,