Vicki Griffin

Sport: Triathlon

I am an Ironman distance, age grouper triathlete trying to qualify for Kona. I have run numerous marathons including 4 Boston Marathons. I have competed in 14 1/2 ironman distances, and 3 full IM distances. Nutrition has always been a struggle… stomach issues, etc…. I can find all kinds of info on training, but few that are helpful as far as race day nutrition. I used e-Fuel and e-Gel on my last 70.3, had no stomach issues, and won my age group. That being said, I still had questions about nutrition when competing in a full IM. I e-mailed a couple of questions to Crank Sports and instead of sending a generic e-mail back, Mike called me and spent a good 30-45 minutes with me on the phone answering ALL of my questions. It was truly the most helpful information I have had since I began endurance sports years ago. I am going to give my husband all of my Scratch, Carbo Pro, Bonk Breakers, etc., and use nothing but e-fuel and gel. I cannot wait to tell all of my running friends about it tomorrow during our long run. I can’t thank you enough, Mike. I don’t have a coach and no one has ever spent that much time explaining what I should be doing as far as nutrition is concerned when competing. I am a Crank Sports customer for life.

Vicki Griffin