More Proof

More Proof that e-Gel stands apart from other gels

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s more independent proof that e-Gel’s Electrolyte Energy formulation is the only gel designed to provide balanced electrolyte replacement in addition to the benefits of traditional energy gels.

Magazine: Inside Triathlon (May)
Article: Sticky Situation, Understanding Carbohydrate Gels
Pages: 42-47

Excerpt (page 46):

Water’s qualities, while helping our bodies stay hydrated, isn’t enough in and of itself. The body continues to lose vital electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and most notably sodium during heavy workouts, especially on hot days. And no one includes them in any notable amounts except for Crank Sport’s e-Gel.

“All of us [major gel companies] put electrolytes in our gels,” says GU’s Vice President of Marketing Will Garrett. “But they’re for taste mostly. There’s not enough in PowerGel, Clif Shot or even GU to make any impact. Only the guys at e-Gel put in enough for sustainability, but we hope you get electrolytes from your sports drink.”

We couldn’t agree more, except for that last part about the sports drink. Using a sports drink with your energy gel can slow the absorption rate of the gel, delay the energy benefits, cause GI issues and even promote dehydration – which is precisely why it is so important to use water (and not a carbohydrate sports drink) with your energy gel. For more information click below:

Hydration and Proper Energy Gel Usage