Athlete Sponsorships

Like most other things, when it comes to athlete sponsorships we do things a bit different than our competitors.

The problem with sponsorships is that you can’t say yes to everyone, and it can be so hard to say no. Rather than picking who should be sponsored and who gets turned down, we decided it would be far better to come up with a program that allows anyone and everyone to participate. Traditional sponsorship programs are limited to elite athletes and those that have the potential to influence lots of other athletes. To us that doesn’t make much sense – if an athlete has the ability to spread the word about our products (to a large group or to just a few people) then they should be able to be rewarded accordingly.

Our Solution

Our program rewards you no matter how you are able to spread the word. Whether you just have a few friends that you train with, a small group of social media followers or if you have influence over a larger audience, this can work for you. The best part is that there is no application process, everyone gets in, and you can be rewarded over and over again. Interested? Click below:

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– Mike

Mike Mathewson
Crank Sports, Inc.