Amanda Little

Sport: Cycling

Our usual road group is 6-8 riders and I’m the only female. The goal is always to stay with the pack for as many laps as possible before dropping off the back to do my own pace. (Actually, it’s the goal of the front 2 guys to see how long it takes them to drop the rest of us, but all in good fun). Anyway, my very first experience was e-Gel was that I was able to hang on for a full lap longer. I know that I can’t give e-Gel ALL of the credit (sorry), but there was enough of a difference in the way I felt to make the permanent switch from any other sports gel. Also, your article on hydration was a big help in understanding how this stuff works with what’s already in my system.

I used the e-fuel the second half of my ride (as recommended) and I’ll be making the switch there as well. It mixes easily with water, so I didn’t get any surprise clumps (like, gag). My only recommendation is that you add a little ice, but I guess any drink luke-warm isn’t all that great. I also found that I don’t need a separate recovery drink after a hard ride, without having that ’empty’ feeling.

I’ve been using e-Gel and e-Fuel exclusively for the past 2 weeks, and I’ll be sticking with it.

Thanks for a great product!

Amanda Little