Ruben Ramirez

I am an avid cyclist who was using Skratch and then I read an article about the e-Fuel and e-Gel so I decided to give them a try, sure glad I did. I have more energy and stamina and it tastes awesome. At 65 I still enjoy the ride.


I play golf 12 months a year. In Texas it consistently hovers around 100 degrees during the summer. Anything that I eat during a round at those temperatures gives me a blood sugar crash that makes me lose concentration and, consequently, results in higher scores. Since using e-Gels the problem has disappeared. My recommendation is … be prepared to drink 12-16 oz of water after eating an e-Gel. This is a GOOD THING. Getting the elements that I need to perform well and having a product that promotes drinking water is the best I’ve found. I’m 62 years old and play two to three times a week year round. I’ve had a number of friends my age that have suffered from heat exhaustion and I don’t want to be one of them. I’ve found the solution for me!

Bill Sattler

I use e-Gel for cycling and it does help extend my level of energy and boost performance when I should be slowing down (bonking) due to depleted electrolytes in my body.

This product, along with good hydration has boosted my ability to perform at higher levels for a longer period of time. The clock doesn’t lie and faster times means something is working to help me and e-Gel is that something.
Affordable and effective is a good combination but having this delivered to your door means it’s convenient too.

Good stuff, thanks for bringing it to us Crank Sports!

Roger Ackerman

I have used basically all the other energy gels and hydration drinks available. There was one energy gel and drink that I used more than others. Then I heard about Crank Sports through a running friend. I decided to try both products offered by Crank Sports and now I’m not looking back. I have found, during the time I’ve been using them, that I’m able to run longer periods of time with a lot less burn out and more energy. I take one e-Gel every 45 mins. and drink at least 20 ounces of e-Fuel every hour and sometimes I can go to an hour and 1/2 What an incredible difference the both have made in my running performance and and energy levels on long runs. And I’m 67 years old. Thank you Crank Sports for two incredible products.

Heather Keller

My husband and I started using e-Gel seven years ago. We had tried everything available in local stores – nothing stood as well as e-Gel for us. We are long distance bicycle riders and now motorcycle riders. Look in our packs and you will find two things, packets of e-Gel and e-Fuel and then a baggy of ‘USED’ products from each outing. We are always giving e-Gel to fellow riders to help when their product has let them down. The overall experience of fellow riders is less bonking and longer ride times.

Now for the non-human story. My little West Highland White Terrier, Brodie, attends our rides with us. On a recent return trip Brodie seemed tired and hot as we live in Arizona. Checked with the vet who indicated some type of electrolyte product was needed. With explanation of ingredients and permission from the vet, I put e-Gel in his water bowl, added water and ice. Much to my delight, Brodie lapped almost 4 ounces up and with in just a few minutes was feeling himself. We are sold on e-Gel even for our 4-legged friend.

Peter Heed

My partner and I were 40 miles (about 5 hours) into the Gen. Clinton 70 Miler marathon canoe race in Upstate NY, and my body was starting to shut down. The bonk was coming. We were with a pack of five boats, taking turns pulling in the deeper water above Wells Bridge, but I didn’t figure I would last much longer….

Van Warren

I was at mile 73 of the Gears for Ears Ride for Arkansas Children’s Hospital – and I had nothing. I had eaten a Powerbar, hydrated well, and even had a few caramels earlier in the ride, but I was bonking. Then somebody handed me a Crank e-Gel, and it was like coming back to life. I read the ingredients and saw potassium and sodium citrate – key nutrients in the Kreb’s metabolic cycle …

Mike Atchley

e-Gel quickly became my favorite energy source. For long endurance rides or my daily 25-30 mile practice rides e-Gel gives me the boost I need to finish my rides without bonking. Plus it tastes much better than the other gels on the market.

Sue F

I was having horrible blood sugar and electrolyte crashes during my long events (half Ironman & half to full marathons). I decided to try to find a new gel and drink with more electrolytes. I found such great success with e-Fuel! No more bonking in the last few miles of my events! One of my friends, who owns a running shoe store, was having similar issues. I told her about e-Fuel and gave her a sample. She didn’t try it for months, claiming a sensitive stomach. Finally, out of desperation, she tried it. She loved it so much, she now carries e-Fuel products in her store! Thanks for success x 2 in the hot, humid summers of Florida!

Joseph Delgadillo

I first discovered e-Gel at the L.A. marathon expo. I was kind of skeptical about how good it worked and was it really worth spending the extra money for the gels. The gels helped me complete my first marathon and they taste much better than Power gels or Cliff shots. I compared the nutrition facts on each of the labels and the e-Gel is much better than the others. It is the best gel product out there!!! I am a firm believer in e-Gels and I use them for everyone of my 60 mile cycling rides every Saturday and everyone of my brick workouts. I never forget to take them along with me to my triathlons, marathons and half marathons. When my friends are bonking, I’m still going!!! Thank you Crank Sports!!!