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Clif SHOT Gel Comparison

e-Gel vs
Clif SHOT Gel

Advantage e-Gel:

Advantage e-Gel:

  • less than half the sugar (no sugar crash)
  • more than double complex carbohydrates
  • three times more electrolytes (avoid cramping and injuries)
  • more economical

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Clif SHOT Gel


Calories 150 100
Carb Grams 37 g 24 g
Complex Carbs 30 g 12 g
Carb Sources Malto-
Cane Syrup
Sugars 18% 50%

e-Gel contains over twice the amount of complex carbs as Clif SHOT Gel and about half the simple sugars. Watch this video to learn why you should use primarily complex carbs and limit your simple sugars.

Electrolytes e-Gel Clif SHOT Gel
Sodium 230 mg 40 mg
Potassium 85 mg 40 mg
Electrolytes are critical to maintain hydration and to avoid cramping and injuries. e-Gel has over 5 times the amount of sodium and double potassium compared to Clif SHOT Gel, and are designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendations.

Amino Acids e-Gel Clif SHOT Gel
Histidine no
Leucine no
Valine no
Isoleucine no
Amino acids help to reduce lactic acid build up, maintain muscle protein and aid in recovery

Citrates e-Gel Clif SHOT Gel
Sodium Citrate no
Potassium Citrate
Citric Acid
Citrates assist in the carbohydrate to energy conversion process as well as reduce and slow the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

Antioxidants e-Gel GU
Vitamin E 120% 0%
Vitamin C 120% 0%
Antioxidant vitamins C and E help protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in the recovery process.

 Other Ingredients e-Gel GU
Vitamin B6 10% 0%
Vitamin B6 assists in the energy conversion process
Caffeine none some flavors
To read our recommendation on caffeine, click here

 Pricing e-Gel GU
Cost Per 100 Calories $1.06  $1.49
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Our customers tell it best…

Jeff Rommel

"I broke the golden rule and tried e-Gel for the first time on race day. I ran the Houston Marathon and it was a great experience - no stomach issues and no muscle cramping. Water in my bottle and an e-Gel every hour got me through the race. I'm not the fastest runner, but I set a PR!" (... continue reading)

Houston, Texas
Sport: Running

Bruce English

"I recently completed a half-iron distance triathlon with a brutal bike course. At the end of the ride my quads started to cramp. I nursed an e-Gel over the first mile of the run and the cramps abated. I thought it may have been coincidence, but when the cramps resurfaced at mile 7 only to resolve with another e-Gel I was sold. I only drank water on the run and took e-Gel, so I feel confident that this product made the difference. " (... continue reading)

Waynesboro, Virginia
Sport: Triathlon

David Ball

"I've been using e-Gel for 2 years exclusively and will not go with anything else....I qualified for Boston with a 3:18:16 and felt great. One e-Gel 15 minutes before the race and one at miles 6, 12, 18, and 23 mile marks and then the last three miles were my fasted splits" (... continue reading)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Sport: Running, Triathlon

Jeff Domenico

"I was running my best marathon ever in Detroit, had five miles to go and I took my e-Gel 100 yards before a water station. I got to the station and it was a bunch of guys handing out beer! GU and other gels are so thick that I would have needed water right away, but the e-Gel was so thin and easy to digest, I got through it just fine when I hit a water station about a mile later. Not only did I finally hit my sub-three hour dream, I hit 2:57!" (... continue reading)

Battle Creek, Michigan
Sport: Running

Sam Albrecht

"40 miles into a 56 mile ride in the desert with two big hills I started cramping, and had to stop several times. The next week I did the same ride with e-Gel and had no cramping despite it being over 100 degrees. My hydration was the same, so I have little doubt the e-Gel played a big part in keeping me going that day." (... continue reading)

Big Bear City, California
Sport: Triathlon

Mary Rogers

"I used e-Gels exclusively and exactly as directed in training for the Lakefront Marathon. This was my fourth marathon and I did not expect to PR, but just to complete it well. With the help of e-Gels taken at miles 2, 7, 13, 18, and 23, I took 10 minutes off of my marathon time and never hit the 'wall' or cramped as I had done in previous events. Some guy laughed at me at the start asking why I had so many gels. I told him I had a plan and I was sticking to it. I'm pretty sure I passed him somewhere around mile 22." (... continue reading)

Springfield, Illinois
Sport: Running

Adam Lecompte

"This is by far the best gel product on the market, and I have been through them all. I have had nothing but positive training and racing experiences with this product. I trained on and used e-Gel in a half half marathon and busted a 1:32.44! My personal best of 5 half marathons. The sustained energy is incredible! I absolutely love this product." (... continue reading)

Houma, Louisiana
Sport: Running and Triathlon

Malcolm Campbell

"I looked for a gel that had less sugar and more potassium/sodium than some of the other gels. I came across e-Gel and used them is the US 50K Championships in Caumsett Park, New York. I finished 2nd in 3:04.22, so I guess they worked pretty good!" (... continue reading)

Marietta, Georgia
Sport: Ultra Running

Keith Castleton

"Figuring out how to stay hydrated and prevent muscle cramps during long runs and races has been one of my biggest challenges. In the past my muscles would ache and twitch and cause me a lot of pain after long runs. I came across e-Gel this summer used e-Gel during the Top Of Utah Marathon, took 17 minutes off my previous marathon PR and easily qualified for Boston." (... continue reading)

Maricopa, Arizona
Sport: Running

Dave Kumler

"I am an on-ice official in the AHL and I want to share my story about e-Gel ... My job as linesman requires me to sprint repeatedly and physically separate anyone who fights throughout the game. We get no breaks, no downtime, no relaxing...I need my energy level to remain constant. I had yet to find any product that satisfied my requirement. I tried GU, Clif Shots and the like, but found that I was still needing something to get me thru the last half of the game. With e-Gel, I found it." (... continue reading)

Cleveland, Ohio
Sport: Hockey

Joseph Swenson

"I am an Ultra-Runner and a proficient sweater and I need to take in large quantities of salt to keep from shutting down during training and races. I was relying on salt caps along with other Gel's like GU to try an maintain my metabolism but it was easy to get the mixture wrong and bonk....I plan on using e-Gel as my main electrolyte / energy gel at Western States 100 mile this June, bypassing the aid station's GU which made me so nauseous by mile 80, I almost did not finish the race." (... continue reading)

Livermore, California
Sport: Ultra Running

Nadine Echeverry

"I just finished my first marathon, and I am singing the praises of your product! I have been training with Team In Training/Greater Los Angeles Chapter/Long Beach since May. .... At first, I bought them just because I LOVED the taste compared to the Clif shots I had been using. Also, I LOVED the consistency of your e-Gel, in that I didn't feel like I had to chew it!" (... continue reading)

Lakewood, California
Sport: Running

Dan Cadriel

"I competed in my very first Ironman at Ironman Arizona after 17 years in triathlon. With horrid winds on the bike, I was nervous about my marathon. I packed my 6 Cherry Bomb e-Gels and I was off to a sub 4 hour marathon including a sub 7 minute mile at the finish line! The Ironman distance is all about nutrition and pace. I was so pleased with the experience and the endurance that the e-Gel formula gave me. I plan to continue to use Crank Sports products as I conitue to set PRs. Thank you Cherry Bomb!" (... continue reading)

Glendale, Arizona
Sport: Triathlon

Steve Bull

"My buddy and I were riding home after a 40 mile training ride-1/2 downwind, 1/2 upwind on the way home. My friend bonked 10 miles out against a 25 mph headwind. We stopped. I administered to him my coveted e-Gel. He complained-wondered if it would make any difference. 10 minutes later he was back on his bike, riding hard, and saying, 'This stuff is incredible.' He now buys from Crank Sports. I always thought our experience was a simple but elegant testimony." (... continue reading)

Burns, Oregon
Sport: Cycling, Mountain Biking

Ken Brown

"Three hours into an agressive 5 hour ride, my legs were cooked, and my body needed electrolytes in a bad way. I shot another brand of energy gel and come to find out the gel had gone bad. I had no other means on me, when a training partner handed me what turned out to be the best tasting, quickest reacting energy gel I had ever used. Not only did the Tropical Blast e-Gel get me through the remainder of our ride, it made an immediate impact on my new gel of choice. I don't leave the house without a supply of my new best friends: Tropical Blast and Cherry Bomb. Thanks for finally making a gel that works AND tastes great. " (... continue reading)

Dunwoody, Georgia
Sport: Triathlon

Kevin Williams

"I wasn't sure which energy gel to purchase, as there were a ton on the market. After some research I went with e-gel because it didn't have caffeine and it was the best bang for my buck. Man was I thrilled to have it with me on Tough Mudder! We took one every hour or so on our adventure and I didn't once feel fatigued. I can definitely attribute my success on Tough Mudder Tri-State 2011 to the use of e-gel. We killed it and none of my 7 person team were exhausted thanks to the electrolytes and sodium in e-gel." (... continue reading)

Burtonsville, Maryland
Sport: Adventure Racing

Barbara Riesser

"I ran my first marathon in 2003 using Clif Shots but they really bothered my stomach. My trainer recommended the e-Gel and I have had no problems on my long runs now. I have told all my friends who are runners or starting to run about your products and have passed out sample gel packs too! You're e-Gel is awesome! No blood sugar drops either like I had with other products.Products always arrive sooner than expected! You guys (and girls) are awesome!" (... continue reading)

Columbia City, Indiana
Sport: Running

Sandra Marbut

"I learned about the value of gel products through training for marathons. So when I returned to coaching basketball at a very academic school, I decided to see if I could combine the two worlds. With a small roster, our players are on the court for long periods of time and need to sustain high intensity for a solid 90 minutes. After learning what impact fuels have on your body for endurance sports, I decided to try it with our players. It has been brilliant! ..." (... continue reading)

Pasadena , California
Sport: Basketball

Edward Romero

"I decided to run the Chicago Marathon. I trained using all the other gels & became sick to my stomach on ALL training runs including the marathon. A friend (Dr. Ken) recommended I try your product and I did. I no longer get sick to my stomach from gels and have since run the following marathons on Crank and felt no adverse stomach problems: NYC, Philly, Lost Dutchman AZ & 4 Points MA." (... continue reading)

Great Neck , New York
Sport: Triathlon, Running

Jim Dizney

"Professional off-road racing isn't necessarily your marketing target but I'm always looking for a competitive edge. Racing a single seat car requires quick reflexes, intense concentration, and above all else, endurance considering a typical driving stint can vary from a couple of hundred miles to more than a thousand. At the urging of an acquaintance I tried an e-Gel during a 250 mile race this past weekend. Normal fatigue was a non-issue and my post race recovery time was noticeably shorter and less dramatic." (... continue reading)

Alpine, California
Sport: Off-Road Racing

Van Warren

"I was at mile 73 of the Gears for Ears Ride for Arkansas Children's Hospital - and I had nothing. I had eaten a Powerbar, hydrated well, and even had a few caramels earlier in the ride, but I was bonking. Then somebody handed me a Crank e-Gel, and it was like coming back to life. I read the ingredients and saw potassium and sodium citrate - key nutrients in the Kreb's metabolic cycle ..." (... continue reading)

Little Rock, Arkansas
Sport: Cycling


"While drafting off of a slightly faster group late in a non-stop century ride, I missed taking my scheduled e-gel at the 4.5 hour mark. After I got dropped ..." (... continue reading)

Dearborn, Michigan
Sport: Cycling

Laurie Loon

"The first time I used e-Gel instead of my usual gels was in a 50 km race and I finished 2nd in my age group. I'm prone to cramping but I had NONE, as well as not even the slightest twinge. I'm impressed with e-Gel and will switch exclusively to it in all future races as well as training. This is really a product that delivers what it promises. " (... continue reading)

Palmdale, California
Sport: Ultrarunning

Kenny Caldera

"I was to attempt the Tour de Tucson, AZ Platinum time minus 5hrs - 111 mile bike ride. This would be my fifth year attempting to ride this grueling race, under 5hrs.....Using e-Gel, I never cramped, I stayed comfortable I came in 4:56 Platinum. I am convinced e-Gel, helped get me there." (... continue reading)

Imperial, California
Sport: Cycling

Eric Coppock

"I tried all sorts of hydration and electrolyte-oriented solutions over the years, and none of them made any difference. I finally did enough research to figure out that cramping is a fuel issue ... the muscles need hydration, electrolytes, and *fuel* and if you don't provide all 3 you're asking for trouble. e-Gel and a bottle of water is the complete solution for me..." (... continue reading)

Longmont, Colorado
Sport: Triathlon

Brian Thompson

"I'm a 41 year old executive who plays Semi-Pro football in the Copper State league of Phoenix, AZ .... I can't tell you how much help it has been to have the sustained energy boost I get from e-Gel and water. At my age, I need all the help I can get to compete at this level." (... continue reading)

Mesa, Arizona
Sport: Football

Justin Imbeau

"I'm 23 years old and a Marine Combat Instructor at the School of Infantry on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. I work 20-22 hour days training the nations finest infantry marines. I dont have time to sit down and take a break and hydrate properly, so I carry Crank energy packs they are a huge life saver." (... continue reading)

San Clemente, California
Sport: Marine Corps

K. Willoth

"I trained for the Adidas Vancouver Marathon using e-Gel. I especially liked the fact that it contained electrolytes since I am not a fan of sports drinks due to the sugary after-taste. My goal was to complete the Marathon, my first, in 3:45:00. I finished in 3:35:37, using e-Gel the entire way.I am hooked on e-Gel and will continue using it during future Marathons." (... continue reading)

Stanwood, Washington
Sport: Running

Lisa Kaspin

"The Los Angeles Marathon was a death march! The temperature at the start was in the lower 80s and climbed to 90 by the time I finished the race. Many people suffered from heat cramps and vomiting, and had to be pulled off the course. But I did NOT suffer from any of those problems, which was probably due to the high sodium content of the e-Gels I ate during the race; I ate 5 of them!" (... continue reading)

Los Angeles, California
Sport: Running

Michael Keller

"I just wanted you to know that I do like your product. I used it during the CIM marathon in Sacramento and during my training runs etc.. I like it for several reasons, one is it's not so thick so it goes down easy. It tastes good and it gives me a great energy boost. " (... continue reading)

Visalia, California
Sport: Running


"I love your product. I ran my first marathon in November, the Philly Marathon. I had struggled during my early part of my training with nausea and even thrown up a few times on the run using other energy gels or drinks. After I found eGel, I never felt sick again." (... continue reading)

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Sport: Running

Gary Bloyd

"I embarked on a 130-mile training ride with about 20 miles of severe hills and about 90 miles of rolling hills ..." (... continue reading)

Florissant, Missouri
Sport: Cycling

Susan Hill

"I hadn't run for about 10 years, and then at age 45 I decided to start running again to get into shape......I am now training for the Moab 1/2 Marathon and will continue to use e-Gels and tell my friends about them." (... continue reading)

Layton, Utah
Sport: Running

Robert De Miranda

"I am 68 years old. Ran Mt. Baldy 'Run to the Top' race this labor day....Man it sure gave me a nice boost during the first 4 miles and during the final 4 miles." (... continue reading)

Whittier, California
Sport: Running

Gerald Staley

"I am 62. I am new at running marathons. Until recently, I had only ran one 1/2 marathon and that was in February of 2004, again, in Little Rock. I had a PR of 2:01:47. I remembered the coaches telling us to start the race slow and save the energy for the last half of the run. Save that energy, they would pound in me. I was intorduced to Crank's e-Gel by a biker who had read about it and was impressed with the content. I felt, well if he thought it was good and being far more of an endurance running/biking athalete than I had ever thought about being, I would give it a try...." (... continue reading)

Little Rock, Arkansas
Sport: Running

Michelle Brown

"I was one of the first to bring your product in to the speed skating community in DC. I order regularly.-in speedskating our thighs go lactic quickly-this stuff works-keeps the lactic fatigue bearable. I also like that you promote the need for water consumption with the gel, I always drink more water when I Crank!! This makes my work out much more enjoyable!!" (... continue reading)

Washington DC, District of Columbia
Sport: Speed Skating

Skyler Windh

"My son, Skyler, is an offensive lineman on Paloma Valley's Varsity football team. I bought this for him to try to keep his energy up (especially in the 4th quarter!). He noticed the difference right away. It definitely helps him go head to head against those Defensive lineman play after play after play. After the game he noticed he was not as exhausted as usual. He is now passing them out to our whole O line! Watch out Sunbelt League! Here come the Wildcats!!!!" (... continue reading)

Nuevo, California
Sport: Football

Matt Bartz

"I just used e-gel as one of my primary energy sources in my first 100 mile trail run and had great results! I never felt sick and had even energy throughout the event. I have used this product through numerous Ironman Triathlons, 50mile, 50k,100k, and now a 100 mile ultra with success. It goes down easily and the convenient pouch makes it easy for ME to control my nutrition throughout races. I know what I am getting, and it works with predictable excellence every time." (... continue reading)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sport: Ultra Running, Triathlon


"My son used the e-Gel after graduating high school to compete in a 5 k race. After a month of coached training he did a personal best in the race and came in first place! He swears by the gel. He now is attending the US Merchant Marine Academy and likes the gel to give him a boost through out the day with all the PT and running they do." (... continue reading)

Wilmington, North Carolina
Sport: Running

John Sefcik

"30 minutes into a 3 hour mtn bike ride today I started to feel weak & shakey and considered turning back. Grabbed an e-Gel from my jersery, washed it down with water, and felt 100% again within 5 minutes!" (... continue reading)

Pineville, Louisiana
Sport: Mountain Biking


"I just completed my first across the state of Florida (coast to coast) bike ride - a one day event 170 miles, Sunrise to Sunset. I finished my 170 miles using 7 e-Gel packs, my ride took 10 hours to complete, averaging 17 mpg, facing a 10-15 mph head wind the entire day." (... continue reading)

Lithia, Florida
Sport: Cycling

Kitty Robinson

"When I tried my first e-Gel, I was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant taste and thinner consistency. I had tried other gels before and was always turned off by their thickness. I began to use e-Gels in all of my long training runs and followed the advice given on the website religiously. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt when using your gels! I was stronger during my runs, my mind was clearer and my recoveries were a breeze! I ran my first half with the e-Gels and took several minutes off my time previous half time, felt great the entire race and was clear and coherent after the race." (... continue reading)

Forsyth, Georgia
Sport: Running

Eberle Funches

"I am currently preparing for my 10th Ironman while living here in Okinawa Japan. e-Gel gets me through each and every workout, be it 30 minutes or 7 hours. My e-Gel packs are like sacks of gold while I am racing at any distance and they keep me going and going. The flavors are great, they are easy on my stomach and it's really a treat after miles and miles of training and racing. Becoming the first and only woman to be a 10 time Ironman here on the island is an honor and I owe my nutritional success to Crank Sports year after year." (... continue reading)

Okinawa, Japan, Florida
Sport: Triathlon

Todd Sorrel

"I've tried all the competition gels for long bike rides but the e-gel was head and shoulders above the others in performance and in taste. Knowing what doesn't work gets you closer to what does.... and that's Crank's e-Gel. Thanks Todd" (... continue reading)

Austin, Texas
Sport: Triathlon

Marc Mears

"Wow! What a difference in taste, and most important, in performance" (... continue reading)

Fort Mill, South Carolina
Sport: Running

Marc Houle

"What a difference it made in my workouts! It has given me the courage once again to go out and push myself and not worry about added energy. " (... continue reading)

San Jose, California
Sport: Triathlon

Kelly Weimortz

"e-Gel is great. It goes down so easy and you don't fell like you are 'choking' on it. I am training for my first marathon, and e-Gel is makig it a pleasant training period. I am telling all of my running buddies about this stuff. It is fantastic!!!" (... continue reading)

Columbia, South Carolina
Sport: Running

Diana Peterson

"The word will spread in the equestrian world. :-)" (... continue reading)

, Texas
Sport: Endurance Riding

Scott Everson

"Trying new gels this winter for XC skiing. Yours appears to be the winner in our sampling. Dad & I will be carrying them for the American Birkebeiner. Great value and results." (... continue reading)

Hudson, Wisconsin
Sport: Running

Mike Villierme

"Here I am, 51 years old, 52 is in sight and I referee rugby matches, train for marathons and play over 38 hardball from April to September...I did not start all this until I was in my mid to late 40's. I use the e-Gel on my running days as food, taking a pack every five miles or so. I use it in my other activities on the hour. I'm no super star by any means but am able to participate due to diet, rest and e-Gel. Thanks." (... continue reading)

Sacramento, California
Sport: Running

Sandra Marbut

"I am a college basketball coach who runs marathons. I know the value of gels from marathoning and love my e-gel on the road. Our basketball team was suffering from a decline in energy at the end of the game, and I thought about what it feels like at mile 24 of a marathon...and got them to try it. Not being familiar with gels they weren't too sure of it at first and looked at me like I was crazy..." (... continue reading)

Pasadena , California
Sport: Basketball

Joe Crouch

"I had been experimenting with assorted gels for the Vision Quest Mountain Bike Endurance race. I started with Crank E-Gels, then Cliff shots(yuck), power gels( sugar/sryup fest) and all the others. Finally I went back to the Cranky-gels and was happy again! Crank really works, I started to cramp after ripping up the first set of climbs. Then about a 1 hour in and every hour after, I tore off, one by one the 6 packs of gel I taped to my frame. With every Crank-E Gel I consumed my leg cramps magically disappeared. Crank E-Gel saved my race!" (... continue reading)

Irvine, California
Sport: Triathlon, Mountain Biking

Kristi Wood

"I skate inline marathons. I used to bonk about halfway through the race, no matter what sports drink or gel I consumed. E-gel not only tastes great, but I just don't bonk anymore. I just take in a packet at the beginning of the race and every half hour after that. Thanks for such an awesome product!" (... continue reading)

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Sport: Inline Skating

George Ruiz

"I'm a 50 year old ultra running competing in 100 mile and 50 mile races. Like everyone else doing these types of runs in extreme conditions I experienced GI problems using a verity of products until I tried Cank. It was easy to get down and I could feel an immediate boost with minutes. Soon it became my fuel of choice ( in 50 mile runs I consume as many as 10-15 packets and in 100 milers as many as 20-25). It has never hurt my stomach and I'm usually able to stay on top of my energy level through out an event. Since using Crank E-Gels I have completed two Wasatch 100 mile runs, two Leadville 100 mile runs and the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 run and will be using using Cank in volume at Western States 100 and the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France. Thanks for great product!" (... continue reading)

Carson City, Nevada
Sport: Ultra Running

Michael Voelker

"I was introduced to e-Gel by a fellow marathoner after I ran the Madison marathon in May. During the Madison race, as in others, I had problems with dehydration. I know I lose a lot of salt in a long race, but sports drinks don't agree with my stomach. Only being able to drink water, it was simply impossible to get enough electrolytes with other gels. This past weekend I ran a 50-mile ultramarathon, the second year I ran the race. Last year, I also had problems with dehydration and muscle cramping. This year, having used e-Gel in training over the summer, I used e-Gel, and ONLY e-Gel, during the race--13 packets of it--with water. Despite the day being about 15 degrees warmer than last year, I managed my hydration well AND cut over an hour off my time by being able to run 'harder, faster, longer.' I attribute the better hydration to e-Gel. Also, the larger pack size, and greater calorie count, were both assets during a long race." (... continue reading)

Pulaski, Wisconsin
Sport: Running, Ultra Running

Steve Muchnick

"I started using e-Gel during my training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I had tried (and gave up on) other gels because my stomach couldnt' handle the heavy consistency, and also because they just didn't seem to add very much edge to my performance. A running club friend suggested I give e-Gel a try. Running in the typical East Coast summer heat and humidity this summer, I couldn't help but feel the immediate bounce from e-Gel - for some reason it absorbs faster than anything else I've tried. I decided to buy a box and go with the Crank PR guarantee, and I went through the remainder of my training season with e-Gel. During that time I easily PR's a half-marathon and saw training times steadily improving. My run at the Marine Corps Marathon went very well, and I did PR, so I won't be getting the free box of e-Gel. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to buy another one when I start training in January for my first trip to Boston! GET YOURSELF SOME OF THIS STUFF! Thanks, Crank!" (... continue reading)

Ellicott City, Maryland
Sport: Running

Fillmore Crank

"Average Joe review....I am scuba diving instructor and for my birthday I decided to start some running. As I began to train for running I was introduced to the 'other' gel. It did not do much for me nor did it taste very good. I discovered Crank e-Gel on my own and orderd the trial pack to see if it worked. The answer: YES and it tasted better that the other stuff. The energy levels are more sustained and not as 'peaked' as some of the others. I am so pleased with the results I get that I am not only using e-gel for my runs (I am only doing half marathons at this time) but also for my scuba diving as well. I love the hydration and energy I get from e-Gel in between my 2nd and 3rd deep dives and my half marathons. e-Gel really is SUPERIOR to all the others. I am just a regular guy, master scuba diver, sky diver, commercial plot, mountain biker and now a half marathoner...I am 60 years young and very e-gelerized!! " (... continue reading)

Carmichael, California
Sport: Running, Scuba Diving

Thad Butcher

"I have been training for the Kansas 70.3 triathlon and doing some experimenting with my nutrituion. I have found e-Gel to give me the most energy of all the gels I have tried. More importantly they have not caused any stomach problems and they really taste GREAT. I did a BRICK today and felt better than I ever have. Thanks for the great product and help in getting me prepared for my race this summer. " (... continue reading)

Rogers, Arkansas
Sport: Running

Mike Villierme

"Great product for an old duffer with cramp issues. I've about conquered cramps with better training and good shoes but have to give most props to e-Gel. No other product I've used has allowed me to train for and run in events harder and for longer than the E-Gel. Several of my running amigos agree. You da bomb! Da Cherry Bomb!" (... continue reading)

Sacramento, California
Sport: Running

Mike Atchley

"e-Gel quickly became my favorite energy source. For long endurance rides or my daily 25-30 mile practice rides e-Gel gives me the boost I need to finish my rides without bonking. Plus it tastes much better than the other gels on the market. " (... continue reading)

Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Sport: Cycling

Jab Buckley

"I recently ran my first half-marathon and was having trouble during my long-run training with quad cramping. I tried various products without much improvement. I came across e-Gels late in training and only got to try them once before the race, but during the race (and since) they worked great. I took them 45 minutes in (5 miles) just as i started to feel the cramping, and immediately felt relief. Took a second at 97 minutes (11 miles-lesson learned: find out where water stops are before the race) when my legs were really tight; took a little bit but they once again relaxed and i was able to pick back up to my normal pace." (... continue reading)

Lincroft, New Jersey
Sport: Running

David. Beatty

"I have tried most of gels available . None come close to e-Gel . I am 67 years old and recently qualified and was accepted to run the Boston marathon using e-Gel. Thank you for an excellent product and hope to see you guys in Boston!" (... continue reading)

Statesville, North Carolina
Sport: Running

Bill Sattler

"I use e-Gel for cycling and it does help extend my level of energy and boost performance when I should be slowing down (bonking) due to depleted electrolytes in my body. This product, along with good hydration has boosted my ability to perform at higher levels for a longer period of time. The clock doesn't lie and faster times means something is working to help me and e-Gel is that something. Affordable and effective is a good combination but having this delivered to your door means it's convenient too. Good stuff, thanks for bringing it to us Crank Sports!" (... continue reading)

Mountain Dale, New York
Sport: Mountain Biking

Joel Berman

"I'm 61 years old, skinny and got back into cycling a few years ago. I found that I had very little stamina and thought it was age related. Some of it is. I found using gels gave me more energy and improved performance. My home is on a small hill and when I ended each ride I tried to power up the hill but found that my legs had no energy left. Started using e-Gel a few weeks ago and find that I have longer lasting energy than using other gels like GU. " (... continue reading)

Boxford , Massachusetts
Sport: Cycling

Sandy Meyerowitz

"After running 7 marathons, for my 8th LA marathon I have finally found a solution to hitting the wall and not running out of fuel. Also it is SO amazing how I can now drink all the water I need along the way and not have to hit the potty at all. The rep at the expo told me I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom at all, after drinking 14 oz of water with the gel every 5 miles and I told him he was absolutely nuts. My usually weak bladder was in disbelief !! He was so right. What a great product I found at the LA Marathon expo booth. My stomach normally can't tolerate any of the other gels and the snacks I used to eat on the races, would not fuel my body well enough, but e-gel really agrees with me and tastes and goes down WAY better too. Amazing product-THANK YOU!" (... continue reading)

Valley Glen, California
Sport: Running

Jeremy Collins

"GET CRANKED! I have tried every gel, and as far as I am concerned, all of e-Gels competitors are just day old gravy. I recently entered a 24 hour climbing competition where keeping from cramps, and maintaining energy and psych levels were the key. I brought home the gold, climbing 4200 feet, and e-Gels were a big part of the reason why." (... continue reading)

Kansas City, Missouri
Sport: Climbing/Hiking

Kenny Matys

"I was sponsored by PowerBar as a pro climber for over a decade and loved their products. Now as a competitive road racer I needed a product that was easy to use and tatsted good. Eating on the bike is paramount. I use e-Gel on a regular basis I am a convert. The thinner consistency, better taste, easy opening and larger size are some of my favorite characteristics. Easy online ordering with direct cash savings rewards certainly help as well." (... continue reading)

Boca Raton, Florida
Sport: Cycling, Climbing

Nola Seaberg

"I have been running marathons for 12 years now and have never been able to abtain my goal of qualifying for Boston. A friend handed me a packet of e-Gel on a training run since I had run out for the last 8 miles of a 18 mile run. Crank gave me the extra energy to finish my run and feel great. I was hooked on the feeling as well as the taste. I used e-Gel the next six weeks of my training and during the marathon. Needless to say, Crank's guarantee was a success. I had my best time ever in my twelve years of running marathons and finally qualified for Boston! Who would have ever thought I could get faster as I got older!! I'm a true believer and will continue to use e-Gel as I train for Boston! Thanks!" (... continue reading)

Des Moines, Iowa
Sport: Running

John Migliori

"I began competing in Tri's 4 years ago. Crank was my first gel product. I have tried other gels. But nothing compares to the boost and superb taste that Crank gives you. I tell newbies, if you hate the taste of gels...then tri the real gel, Crank. This year I'm gunning for my first Ironman. There is no doubt I'm carrying Crank with me for my 140.6 mile journey. Anything else would be cheating myself of the finish line. Thanks again Crank!!!" (... continue reading)

Berkeley Heights , New Jersey
Sport: Triathlon

John Wyant

"Most of the time I have great steady run until around 18 to 20 then the sh-- hits the fan. So far I have been training with lots of ten mile runs mostly trail runs. Lots of times I would get a little stiff after these but since these e-Gels I have noticed major energy and no soreness afterwards. I love the Mountain rush flavor. " (... continue reading)

Clearwater, Minnesota
Sport: Running

Joseph Delgadillo

"I first discovered e-Gel at the L.A. marathon expo. I was kind of skeptical about how good it worked and was it really worth spending the extra money for the gels. The gels helped me complete my first marathon and they taste much better than Power gels or Cliff shots. I compared the nutrition facts on each of the labels and the e-Gel is much better than the others. It is the best gel product out there!!! I am a firm believer in e-Gels and I use them for everyone of my 60 mile cycling rides every Saturday and everyone of my brick workouts. I never forget to take them along with me to my triathlons, marathons and half marathons. When my friends are bonking, I'm still going!!! Thank you Crank Sports!!!" (... continue reading)

Monterey Park, California
Sport: Triathlon, Running

Andrew Maz

"I did a half-Ironman in April and e-Gel kept my sodium levels up. The electrolytes in this stuff really works. I've tried other gels since and they just can't compare" (... continue reading)

Los Angeles, California
Sport: Triathlon

Robert Overton II

"I recently began using e-gel, I am very pleased with the results. I have never felt better during or after my runs." (... continue reading)

South Bend, Indiana
Sport: Running

Osias Lozano

"I have been racing MTB for about 8 years now, but only this past February I did my first 12 hour race. It was an amazing race this was the first long race where I used the e-Gels. They were of great help or I would say of the help, since the e-Gels were the only food I consumed during the 12 hours. I dont know but eventhough I didn't eat anything else I felt that was one of my strogest races." (... continue reading)

Orlando, Florida
Sport: Mountain Biking

Curtis Jones

"Being a runner (and an older runner at that), I have had leg problems for quite sometime. I have tried everything - strengthing my inner core (pilates, physical therapy, etc.) and even though these things helped, consuming e-gel made the biggest difference. I don't understand why - maybe some of the medications I take screw up my electrolyte balance or maybe I simply am not getting enough electrolytes - but e-gel (along with motrin!) seems to be one of the important pieces to the puzzle!" (... continue reading)

Niwot, Colorado
Sport: Running, Cycling

Chris Perry

"After cramping bad in my first two marathons (Chicago, Twin Cities) I decided to try your product. I have been pleasantly surprised. Along with good hydration I have not cramped in any of my training runs and completed the Houston Marathon in my best time and with no cramps ! I am now ready to train for the Marine Corp and will have e-Gel in my belt for all my long runs. A great product !!" (... continue reading)

little rock, Arkansas
Sport: Running

James Borden

"I picked up some e-Gel at the fitness expo before my first marathon. I hadn't seen the product before and I was taking a chance using the first time during a race, but it worked well. I have been using it ever since in marathons and triathlons and have never had a problem with nausea, having it sit in my stomach like a brick and hinder the absorption of water like some other products I have used. Plus it went down easy. This spring I qualified for the Boston Marathon using e-Gel! " (... continue reading)

Farmington, Utah
Sport: Running, Triathlon

Bryan Davis

"I used e-Gel during the cross country season trying it out seeing how i could benefit from using it. Although i really didnt see the full effect of the product until I had completely got it in my system which was around conference. my first mile had decreased by 30 seconds, my second mile by 30 and my last mile by almost a minute so i think that this is a very good product for everyone to try." (... continue reading)

Belton, Missouri
Sport: Running

David Greenblatt

"I have been using e-Gels for my marathons (and long-run training) for over 2 years. I am convinced that e-Gel is the best -- for sodium and potassium replacement and for the 150-calorie energy boost. The taste is pretty good, and they digest easily with water just after gulping down an e-Gel pack. Bonking (or cramping) at the 20-mile mark of a marathon due to insufficient energy/electrlyte replacement happens; but, with e-Gel, no bonking or cramping for me. " (... continue reading)

Dallas, Texas
Sport: Running

Michael Rondelli

"Thank you for making such a great product and providing wonderful service. As an insulin dependant diabetic for 20 years and a retired ultra-distance cyclist, I have been eating gels for a long time. They are especially important for me because as a diabetic, i can carry two of these packets in my slacks at work in case my blood glucose drops unexpectedly. Not only is your gel pleasant to consume, you also use plastic that is able to withstand riding around in my pocket without exploding. Trust me, there is nothing worse than gel in your pocket, especially when my friends are confused about just what those cool t-shirts are really selling. Thanks again and keep on providing your great products!" (... continue reading)

San Diego, California
Sport: Cycling

Joseph Connolly

"Thanks for a great product, originally used e-Gels for long-distance bicycling but now I take them out ice climbing, mountain biking, and mountaineering. There's been plenty of times I've been close to running out of juice and after 1 or 2 gels, some water, and 10 minutes to process, I'm feeling 100% again. I'm doing a cross-country bicycle trip this April and just bought two cases to help get me there. " (... continue reading)

Anchorage, Alaska
Sport: Cycling, Climbing, Mountain Biking

Joni Fournier

"I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with e-Gel!! In training for my first Ironman and trying to prepare the right nutrition plan for race day, I was introduced to e-Gel's and have never looked back. I was convinced that after consuming nearly 18 of them during my first Ironman, that it would take a while to want another one, but I was wrong ..." (... continue reading)

Boulder, Colorado
Sport: Triathlon

Romeo Batac

"There's no substitute for good and consistent training, but with e-Gel it's just takes me to the next level. With e-Gel you just keep going, going, going and going. What an incredible product!!!!!!!! I should finish my second marathon with no problem. " (... continue reading)

Irvine, California
Sport: Mountain Biking, Running

Nicki Riddle

"I am a very active 60 year old women that bikes, kayaks, skis and distance walks, AND has been a diabetic for 40 years. I decided to enter my first marthon this summer. I was fortunate in discovering this absolutely wonderful product. I take a E-Gel packet to begin and then every hour and check my blood sugar. With the use of E-Gel I can keep my blood sugars up and not bonk. A very important thing to a diabetic! I feel so good the whole time I am walking and finish my walks with so much energy to spare, I manage to clean my house etc. I LOVE IT!. I should mention that I no longer have leg cramps because of the potassium levels in this product. I have been spreading the word to all my friends," (... continue reading)

Lewiston, Idaho
Sport: Walking

Kim Crandall

"Really love e-Gel because it's less viscous than most gels, and it really fuels me ... I know when it kicks in to take me home! So glad I ran across it online. Thanks Crank Sports. Keep crankin'!" (... continue reading)

Charlottesville, Virginia
Sport: Running

Alex Osterneck

"I started using e-Gel's on my 50K run's. Then I realized I could use them during open-water swims. My last two 5-mile open-water swims I did without kayak / boat support -- instead I tucked 4 e-Gels under my swimsuit and used an e-Gel every 30-minutes. e-Gels work great. Thank you!" (... continue reading)

Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
Sport: Swimming

Diane Cornale

"Finally found a product that allows me to drink only water and not the gatorade type beverages that make me nauseated during a marathon...Using this product allowed me to run and qualify for Boston in 2006 and I have not used another product since." (... continue reading)

Oak Creek , Wisconsin
Sport: Running

Alex Tracy

"I was first turned on to e-Gel at the Rock and Roll Seattle expo. I used it for the half marathon and it seemed to work. However, I wanted to give it a true test. I started training for the Rock and Roll San Antonio marathon, and I used nothing but e-Gel during training. I have never felt so good after a run. Even running in 90+ heat I never cramped up. I have used many other products and have never gotten the results that I did with e-Gel. I just completed the marathon in a personal best time, I actually beat my old best by 15 minutes and I owe it all to e-Gel. " (... continue reading)

Fort Worth, Texas
Sport: Running

Kathy Brown

"I row competitive crew for Stockton Rowing Club. Recently we competed in US Rowing's 2011 Southwest Regional Championships at Lake Merritt in Oakland. Each race is all out sprint preceeded by any place from 1000 - 2000m of warm up rowing. I rowed 4 races" (... continue reading)

Manteca, California
Sport: Rowing

Bill Cunningham

"I met a fellow cyclist a few weeks ago on the road. I helped him fix a flat, and he gave me 2 e-Gels for my trouble. I noticed the effect immediately. The ride quickly became much less work, and much more fun. Thanks for a great product!" (... continue reading)

Charlotte, North Carolina
Sport: Cycling

Margarita Berg

"I love this stuff!! It has made a difference in my run and they way I feel. When I'm done with longs runs, my wedding ring usually fits snug after the runs. Not with the e-gels. I can move my ring when I'm done. Not to mention that I stay hydrated longer. I don't feel as thirsty as I usually do when I intake GU's. I have more energy and feel LESS sluggish." (... continue reading)

El Cajon, California
Sport: Running

Clay Crawford

"Dealing with the Texas heat can sometimes lead to dehydration just by performing a small act. I like e-Gel for this reason. I can take it and not worry about dehydration symptoms. I am planning a 'big bike' dual sport ride from Houston, through New Mexico, Durango, CO and onto Moab, UT." (... continue reading)

Houston, Texas
Sport: Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding

Joe Milano

"e-Gel has helped my training for my first marathon tremendously. The e-Gel really takes care of the fatigue I was feeling when I was hitting the 15 mile mark. Now, I can cruise right through it. Also, I would like to say I am glad that Crank Sports has kept any type of artificial sweetener out of their products. Sucralose and Aspartame shouldn't be in our systems that we push to the limit. " (... continue reading)

Palm Coast, Florida
Sport: Running

Ron Berman

"I dread the other thick gels because it takes a longer time to swallow and digest it. The taste actually has a great flavor unlike some other tooth paste gels. Another important reason to use Crank Gel is that you get an additional 50 calories compared to other gels, which in most cases will prevent you from bonking. " (... continue reading)

Staten Island, New York
Sport: Triathlon, Duathlon

Bradley Weprin

"I have found e-Gel to be of a much thinner consistency than other similar products so it goes down easier. It provides a similar boost to those products containing caffeine, but it does not have the caffeine." (... continue reading)

Dallas, Texas
Sport: Running

D'arcy Moser

"The e-Gel product is the only product to date that I see instant results and recovery after maximum exertion." (... continue reading)

Placerville, California
Sport: Triathlon

Matt Miguelena

Moorpark, California
Sport: Triathlon

Bill Ramsey

"Running ultramarathons requires a lot of calories and electrolytes. E-gel provides plenty of both. Last year, I completed 2-100 milers, 3-50 milers, 3 50ks, and 2 trail marathons; all of them fueled with e-Gel. At 54 years old, e-Gel gives me what I need to compete and the confidence that goes with it. Thanks for making such a fine product." (... continue reading)

Aliso Viejo, California
Sport: Running

David Veeneman

"Used it for the first time hiking out of the Grand Canyon. Did an amazing job of keeping me going on the climb out." (... continue reading)

Lincolnshire, Illinois
Sport: Climbing/Hiking

Church Saufley

"My wife and I have been using Crank for our runs over the last few months and it seems to give a much more even and smooth delivery of energy and is much easier on the stomach. Other gels get too sweet if you are on a long run and have more than two, and they don't deliver energy as evenly over the 30/45 minutes between gels. " (... continue reading)

Shelbyville, Kentucky
Sport: Running

Sarah Barron

"Newer to long distance running (trails) I have wrestled with being able to fuel, stay hydrated and not puke at or near the end of any distance run after the 21+ mile mark. Nothing would stay down. I have a long time competitive cylcing background and never had fuel/stomach issues. After reading loads of related articles and trying every product out there by the top names in ultra distance event fuels I was coming to the conclusion this was just my draw. After using your product on a 50K (Shadow of the Giants) and in the prepatory training, I believe I have found my product! Yay, and thank you Crank Sports. " (... continue reading)

Glendora, California
Sport: Running

Yishay Yovel

"e-Gel is doing a perfect job in keeping me re-fuled and highly energized through long endurance events. I just completed Half-Ironman distance event, where I consumed 12 packs of e-Gel. I felt energized throughout the event, and had no side effects whatsoever (cramps, stomach issues, etc.). " (... continue reading)

Sunnyvale, California
Sport: Running, Triathlon

Sandra Gray

"I ran in the 37th Annual Spring Thaw in Pittsburgh today. My first ever 10 mile race! At the water stations they had the Crank Sports e-Gels. I was 2 miles into the run and ate one of the Vanilla Strawberry Slam e-Gels. My first time trying the product ..." (... continue reading)

pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sport: Running

Gary Gagnon

"At 280 pounds I will never be an elite marathoner but I sure love trying! Last year was my first 1/2 marathon and it was brutal. I was using GU and my guts hated it. Found e-Gel on the web by a fluke, thought I would try it. WOW, what a rush! Running is fun, did another 1/2 marathon and shaved 6 minutes off my time. I might even be your 'biggest' customer." (... continue reading)

Duluth , Minnesota
Sport: Cycling